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Blended learning


Blended Learning

– What exactly is it?

As indicated by the word ‘blended’, blended learning is a mixed or hybrid approach to learning. For a long time, the term referred to the following:

A combination of offline events (classroom training) and the use of digital media outside the classroom sessions

The developments since 2020 have shown that live sessions can also be successfully run online. This has resulted in a new definition of blended learning:

Blended learning is the expedient combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences.
In other words, we combine live sessions (whether offline or online) with self-learning phases where participants can learn at a time and, often also, place of their choice. As a result, blended learning enables you to support learning processes rather than simply providing a brief stimulus.

Imagine how much more your participants could achieve…

If, instead of just working with them for one day within the scope of a workshop, you could get to know the group online two weeks beforehand, slowly introduce the topic to them and support them with reflection sessions for another two weeks after the workshop.

Creating this kind of process fully offline would be far too time-consuming and costly. If, however, everything except the workshop takes place online, this is easy to implement and you can offer your customers enormous added value! After all, learning new things and developing are unfortunately processes that are far too often triggered by one-day events before simply grinding to a halt..

If you change the format of your services and don’t solely work offline, this will naturally also change the structure of your own working day:

For example, how would you like to not spend an entire course standing in a training room but to instead be able to partially support your participants from home or any other place you like?

This is precisely what you can achieve through the use of online phases:

More flexibility.

For you and your participants.

If you want to take things one step further and use online formats to reduce the number of physical classroom days, you will also be able to reach people with your services who do not live in your immediate area.

As a participant, I’m more likely to be willing to travel a long way to attend a course twice than four times! A 100% virtual blended concept, where physical classroom courses are replaced by live online training sessions, is also conceivable depending on the training objectives and the target group.

This increases the number of people who could be interested in your training in an instant.

And that, in turn, increases your revenue!

Irrespective of the above, training participants and clients are simply requesting modern training concepts with increasing frequency.
People quite rightly expect training sessions that enable genuine changes. By combining synchronous and asynchronous learning formats, you can improve the transfer performance and thus the learning efficacy. Your training sessions will achieve better results.

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