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Create Digital Space for Growth

How to create genuine online development spaces with a human touch in a calm and enjoyable manner.


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I’m a passionate trainer and consultant in the field of learning process design.

My passion lies in supporting trainers and L&D experts with the creation of truly effective learning journeys. Even today, far too much time and money are wasted on training courses that don’t achieve the desired objectives.

Let’s change that!

Yours, Martina

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I use my expertise in the fields of digital training and blended learning to support companies and their trainers
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What my customers say


    Viktoria Martin | Corporate Training Manager

    “Martina impresses on camera with her extremely warm, friendly demeanour. You can instantly see that she is a complete pro in the field of digital adult education. Martina supports us on a global level, helping us bring our internal trainers out of their shell when it comes to live online training sessions and to take their work to a new level. She finds it easy to run training sessions in both German and English. She is extremely respectful, open and reliable. She also responds directly to participants’ feedback and requests, making their training experience even more personal. We greatly value this.

    We also love the fact that Martina’s support has given our trainers have the courage to try new things and, in turn, receive direct and extremely positive feedback from their participants.

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank Martina for her great work!”

  • ÖBB Infrastruktur AG

    Mag. Ursula Mandl | Head of the Digital Learning Task Force

    “Martina has been helping us upskill our trainers in the field of digital learning since the start of 2021. In addition to online sessions in virtual classrooms, we have also been able to roll out several series of learning videos. Our collaboration works extremely well, both when developing learning topics and with regard to trainees. When it comes to topics such as the safe use of digital tools as well as the awareness that the role of trainers is changing due to digital learning and the effects of this, we are delighted to have Martina’s support.”


  • Austrian Energy Agency

    Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Doerfflern | Head of Project and Resource Management, Personnel Development and Recruiting

    “By providing several training courses on the planning and execution of online events, Martina has played an important role in enabling the Austrian Energy Agency to hold online meetings in a professional, state-of-the-art manner. We have received excellent inputs, information and suggestions for successful digital exchanges.”


    Imagine your participants truly transforming

    Transfer efficacy through

    blended learning

    Blended learning is the combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning formats – offline and online. For example, a mix of offline workshops, online self-learning phases and online seminars. This results in learning processes that can be flexibly designed.

    A sustainable training concept depends on the expedient combination of various formats. The digital learning formats that can be used depend on several factors, such as the training objectives and the target group’s existing knowledge and skills.

    I have various options for you that provide an introduction to the topic of blended learning or further expand your skills in this area.

    I love blended learning. This is because one of the things it offers is .freedom..

    The freedom to create fully customised concepts.
    The freedom to learn at times and places where it makes sense.

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