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I’m Martina

As a digital training and blended learning trainer and consultant, I can help you create truly effective learning journeys.

My specialism lies in creating learning processes that integrate online services. I love helping people create new training services in a structured manner tailored to their development pace.

Shape your working day to suit you by combining various training formats and supporting your groups with a calm, cheerful demeanour both in person and online!

Love at the first click

In my last permanent position in 2016, I was tasked with introducing blended learning to the company and found myself lightning struck: I was finally able to test in practice what I’d long since believed in theory.

The combination of offline training and digital content – in this case live webinars – is truly amazing! I was so captivated by the idea that I decided to exclusively focus on it.

Today, I use my many years of practical experience in the fields of digital training and blended learning to support trainers and companies with the design and implementation of blended learning services and live online seminars.

What has blended learning got to do with freedom?

I love blended learning. This is because one of the things it offers is freedom. The freedom to create fully customised concepts. And in some cases even the freedom to teach and learn irrespective of the time and/or location.

This flexibility allows me to design my working day to fit with my life.  

My background

I was born in 1982 and have since acquired a wealth of professional and life experience. After graduating with a degree in information and communication solutions and two jobs in the fields of sales and product and content management, I found myself in the automotive industry.

For six years, I not only gained industry knowledge in my parents’ automotive company but also learned a great deal about entrepreneurship. Prior to becoming self-employed, I spent another three years working for a vehicle importer in the field of retailer system support and training. This is where I discovered my love of training, and nourished it by completing multiple courses.

My qualifications

2022 – 2023
Certified Transfer Designer
Institute for Transfer Effectiveness

Training from the BACK of the Room! – Virtual Edition
Julian Kea

Digital Trainer
BFI Wien (BFI Vienna)

2016 – 2017
Intercultural adult education trainer with a focus on the Near East
B2 Das Bildungszentrum

Diversity Management
Gender Mainstreaming
B2 Das Bildungszentrum

2011 – 2014
Accountancy, tax law, business mathematics, personal accounting, cost accounting and business law
WIFI Wien (WIFI Vienna)

2002 – 2006
Information and communication system solutions / chartered engineer (university of applied science)
FH Burgenland

There are two places in the world that are particularly dear to me

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